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SpyShelter Free monitors susceptible and weak spots in your computer system, in order to ensure
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6 April 2015

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If you thought that viruses were the only dangerous entities that can lurk in your system then you are unaware about the risks of spyware. While most traditional viruses attack your system files and applications, spyware instead aims to track your personal information and passwords. A dubious spyware can obtain your online banking details and once the information reaches the hacker running the spyware, he can virtually clean up your bank account. Spyware are a threat to not only your privacy but even to your financial well being and thus it is important to run specialized applications like SpyShelter Free 9.6.5 to get rid of the them.

The SpyShelter Free 9.6.5 on launch sports a neat structured look and offers a set of handy options for eliminating spyware and related threats. It comes with a specialized module to tackle keyloggers from compromising your privacy. Further it also encompasses a screen guard which effectively blocks spyware from taking snapshots of your screen. Moreover when it comes to zero day threats, it advanced algorithm can detect behavioral patters and block them. All sensitive areas of the system from memory usage to registry entries are tracked for suspicious elements. The tool offers you protection in real time while it also has a sandbox feature that can contain certain applications that you choose. Further it also can prevent spyware from copying any data present in your clipboard. In case you believe a certain file to be infected, you can use the tool to scan it online with several antivirus tools.

The SpyShelter Free 9.6.5 earns a score of two and half rating stars for its capacity to assuredly discover and eliminate nearly all spyware threats to your system. However the fact that it does not work with 64 bit systems limits its usage and contributes to its low rating score.

Publisher's description

SpyShelter Free is a free version of SpyShelter Premium.
Complex privacy protection
SpyShelter Free is an effective and easy-to-use security application that helps you to protect your system against known and unknown custom compiled malware such as keystroke loggers. SpyShelter constantly monitors all vulnerable areas in your operating system to ensure that your personal data is being protected from information-stealing malware.
Innovative, exclusive technology
Various modules integrated into SpyShelter's core allow it to understand how malware works and how it tries to alter your system files. Those modules ensure that your computer is being protected from hostile intrusions that may expose your private information. It means that SpyShelter Free is able to detect and stop the most sophisticated zero day financial malware, even before anti-virus labs discover a way to detect and remove it!
Fast, Reliable and Easy-To-Use
Thanks to it's unique design, SpyShelter Free does not need any daily database updates and it is compatible with anti-virus and other security software. Fast and secure processing algorithm ensures very low, barely noticeable system resource usage, meaning that SpyShelter will not slow your computer down.
SpyShelter Free works only with 32 bit systems.
SpyShelter Free
SpyShelter Free
Version 9.7.2
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